Our bilingual lawyers are here to help you navigate the legal system.

You need experienced lawyers who will protect your rights. By choosing to work with our bilingual immigration lawyers, you can rest assured that you will receive legal representation that is competent, compassionate, and transparent.

Flora Legal Group Immigration Lawyers

Our bilingual lawyers are here to help you navigate the legal system.

You need experienced lawyers who will protect your rights. By choosing to work with our bilingual immigration and criminal defense lawyers, you can rest assured that you will receive legal representation that is competent, compassionate, and transparent.


We are a team of passionate immigration professionals providing guidance and hope by advocating for and empowering all people to build a prosperous future.

We see a future where the immigrant community is welcomed and valued, creating a better world for generations to come.


Jason Flora
Jason FloraOwner & Managing Attorney
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Peter Robbins
Peter RobbinsPartner
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Nora Galindo
Nora GalindoManaging Partner
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Heidee Prosser Miley
Heidee Prosser MileyAssociate Attorney
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Michelle Geisler
Michelle GeislerAssociate Attorney
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Jessica Gicherman
Jessica GichermanAssociate Attorney
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Zakkery Clark
Zakkery ClarkAssociate Attorney
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Anthony Vice
Anthony ViceJunior Associate Attorney

leadership TEAM

Beth Skinner
Beth SkinnerLaw Firm Administrator
Morgan Norton
Morgan NortonHuman Resources Manager
Chelsea Lara
Chelsea LaraOffice Supervisor
Gabriela Guerra
Gabriela GuerraClient Relations Supervisor
Paige Wojcik
Paige WojcikUSCIS Department Director
April Torres
April TorresUSCIS Family-Based Paralegal Supervisor
Mara Gonzalez Osorio
Mara Gonzalez OsorioUSCIS Victim-Based Paralegal Supervisor
Mayra Oseguera Munguia
Mayra Oseguera MunguiaImmigration Court Department Director
Clare Cruz
Clare CruzImmigration Court Team Paralegal Supervisor
Kathryn Elliott
Kathryn ElliottImmigration Court Paralegal Supervisor
Melany Castaneda
Melany CastanedaImmigration Court Team Paralegal Supervisor
Anna Zimmermann
Anna ZimmermannLegal Writer

PARALEGALS and legal team

Katherine Timperman
Katherine TimpermanUSCIS Family-Based Team Paralegal
Christina Castro
Christina CastroImmigration Court Team Paralegal
Jazmin Rice
Jazmin RiceImmigration Court Team Paralegal
Elizabeth Wallace
Elizabeth WallaceImmigration Court Team Paralegal
Sarah Livers
Sarah LiversImmigration Court Team Paralegal
Ashley Zelaya
Ashley ZelayaImmigration Court Team Paralegal
Diana Rosales
Diana Rosales Immigration Court Team Paralegal
Dahyana Flores
Dahyana FloresImmigration Court Paralegal
Diana Rosales
Diana RosalesImmigration Court Paralegal
Karen Barahona
Karen BarahonaImmigration Court Paralegal
Destiny Tovar
Destiny TovarImmigration Court Paralegal
Elisabel Mirabal
Elisabel MirabalImmigration Court Paralegal
Daisy Sofia Hernandez
Daisy Sofia HernandezImmigration Court Paralegal
Nicole Herrea
Nicole HerreaImmigration Court Paralegal
Genesis Rodriguez
Genesis RodriguezImmigration Court Paralegal
Luisa Caiaffa
Luisa CaiaffaImmigration Court Paralegal
Johanna Valenzuela
Johanna ValenzuelaImmigration Court Paralegal
Joana Torres
Joana TorresImmigration Court Junior Paralegal
Cecily Walsman
Cecily WalsmanImmigration Court Legal Assistant
Daisy Hernandez
Daisy HernandezUSCIS Family-Based Team Paralegal
Monserrat Palacios
Monserrat PalaciosUSCIS Family-Based Team Paralegal
Carolina Arriaga
Carolina ArriagaUSCIS Family-Based Paralegal
Toni Espinosa
Toni EspinosaUSCIS Family-Based Paralegal
Kirian Chin
Kirian ChinUSCIS Family-Based Paralegal
Sherley Oliviery-Baker
Sherley Oliviery-BakerUSCIS Family-Based Paralegal
Amairani Beltran
Amairani BeltranUSCIS Victim-Based Team Paralegal
Nancy Manquero
Nancy ManqueroUSCIS Victim-Based Paralegal
Olivia Gorczyca
Olivia Gorczyca USCIS Victim-Based Paralegal
Natalia Lara
Natalia LaraUSCIS Victim-Based Paralegal
Jennifer Estrada
Jennifer EstradaUSCIS Junior Paralegal
Natalia Suarez
Natalia SuarezEAD Paralegal
Erik Roa
Erik RoaEAD Paralegal
Ange Chacon
Ange ChaconICE Paralegal
Brandi Ahuatzi
Brandi AhuatziCourt Paralegal
Andres Ayala
Andres AyalaLaw Clerk
Mauricio Abbadie
Mauricio AbbadieLegal Assistant
Francisco Covarrubias
Francisco CovarrubiasLegal Assistant
Dayana Osorio
Dayana OsorioLegal Assistant
Brian Francis
Brian FrancisLegal Assistant
Nahir Castro
Nahir CastroLegal Assistant
Linda Roessler
Linda RoesslerStrategist


Aurora Cisneros
Aurora CisnerosScheduling Clerk
Carolina Guevara
Carolina GuevaraScheduling Clerk
Rodilio Mendez
Rodilio Mendez Scheduling Clerk
Cyntya Perez
Cyntya PerezLegal Assistant
Adriana Perez
Adriana PerezLegal Assistant
Mariela Hernandez Gomez
Mariela Hernandez GomezLegal Assistant
Amber Chambers
Amber ChambersMail and Filing Clerk
Estefany Romero Lopez
Estefany Romero LopezImmigration Court Mail Coordinator
Kari Sigler
Kari SiglerHuman Resources Assitant
Abigail Viggers
Abigail ViggersAdministrative Assistant
Stephanie Smith
Stephanie SmithAdministrative Assistant
Katerin Avila
Katerin AvilaAdministrative Assistant
Hector Castillo
Hector CastilloAdministrative Assistant
Olimpia Garcia
Olimpia GarciaLead Receptionist
Marlene Bercian
Marlene BercianReceptionist
Jackie Davila
Jackie DavilaReceptionist
Pedro Jacinto Zaragoza
Pedro Jacinto ZaragozaOnboarding Specialist
Melani Rodriguez Escobar
Melani Rodriguez EscobarOnboarding Specialist
Julian Perez
Julian PerezInterpreter
Amanda Villamil
Amanda VillamilCustomer Service Assistant


Valentina Gomez
Valentina GomezLead Collections Assistant
Sky Loutner
Sky LoutnerCollections Assistant
Carlos Rincon
Carlos RinconCollections Assistant
Parvinder Klair
Parvinder KlairAccounting Assistant

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